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Saturday, February 26, 2005

The worst comic covers ever

Check out this site , the name says it all , it's funny and the covers are so out of date :-)).

How could whatever's wrong with her be any less embarassing
than walking around with a lead box on your friggin' head?

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Alan Ford : start of a revolution or just a hoax

Famous Italian comic Alan Ford is being redesigned & restyled , some say it's about goddamn time and I'm one of them ;-) ! Is this the begining of a new area or the begining of the end we'll see soon ! For our italian readers check out this site ...

Una rivoluzione?
Il numero 429 di «Alan Ford», in edicola dal 25 febbraio, sconvolge la serie di Max Bunker, una delle più longeve del fumetto italiano con i suoi trentacinque anni di vita editoriale. Il tradizionale negozio di fiori che fa da copertura allo sgangherato gruppo Tnt si trasforma in un’agenzia investigativa.

Accanto ad Alan, compare Minuette, una ragazza francese che voleva sposare il protagonista per assumere la cittadinanza americana. Che cosa è successo? Si è avverato il presagio del numero precedente, quando l’intero gruppo è precipitato in un dirupo finendo senza scampo nelle acque di un fiume? Sono tutti morti? Si sono salvati solo Alan e il pappagallo Clodoveo? "Ci stavamo appisolando tutti, noi e i lettori – si limita a dire Luciano Secchi-Max Bunker - Serviva una ben dosata scarica di adrenalina per riprendere tono e vivacità…".


Eén van mijn lievelings cartoonisten is zonder twijfel Herr Seele met zijn "Cowboy Henk" en Kamagurka met zijn geestige "Kamagurkistan" . Beide cartoon-strips verschijnen wekelijks in HUMO . Cartoonfiguur Cowboy Henk werd geboren op 24 september 1981. Hij sproot voort uit de geniale geesten van Luc Van Zeebroeck (Kamagurka) en Peter van Heirseele (Herr Seele) Kama verzint de verhalen & dialogen. Herr Seele tekent & vereeuwigt al meer dan 20 jaar de gekuifde Cowboy op papier (en ooit zelfs eens op een grote muur op Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood).

Cowboy Henk is eerlijk en naïef. Zijn logica is puur, eenvoudig en rechtlijning. Daarom is hij waarschijnlijk ook één van de grappigste cartoonfiguren ooit.

Bezoek zeker Kama's site !!

© Kamagurka

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Shaun of Dead : four-issue, full-color miniseries

Cover for issue 1

Yes, yes and yes again . The unconventional ,hell forget unconventional, a great zombie flick will soon be realesed on us . If you haven't seen the movie and don't know what to expect check this trailer out here !

IDW will produce the four-issue miniseries with the full participation and input of the film’s screenwriters, Edgar Wright (who directed the film) and Simon Pegg (who starred as Shaun), as well as Universal Studios. The adaptation will follow the storyline of the film but will also feature scenes that weren’t included in the theatrical release. Illustrating the four-issue miniseries will be Zach Howard (Detective Comics), with unique covers painted by British artist Jason Brashill.

Edgar and Simon have been great,” said IDW Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall, who will also script the adaptation. “They’ve given us full access to deleted scenes, unshot scenes and other bonus materials, allowing us to present a sort of ‘director’s cut’ of their movie, in four parts.”

BloodRayne : When games meet the comics

Maybe you've played BloodRayne , maybe you didn't, who cares anyway when we've got the BloodRayne comic book now ;-)) ! The first printing of BloodRayne : Skies Afire is sold out . Second printing of the first issue will be with a new cover and some new interior pages...

BloodRayne: Seeds of Sin is scheduled for April 2005 . Writer is Christina Z , famous from Witchblade&The Darkness. Kody Chamberlain (30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales) is providing the entire artwork for this issue .

Interview with Christine Z. , writer for upcoming BloodRayne issue 2

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Constantine (a Hellblazer movie)

It's raining comic-adaptation movies these days , either on the big screen or on the DVD's, you just can't escape from them. Spiderman 2,Hellboy,Punisher,From Hell, you name it...Some are good,some are great but let's face it most of them are crap!
The new kid on the block is Constatine, a film based on the DC Comics/Vertigo's very popular comic "Hellblazer" ! Unlike in the comic book where the action takes place in the good old London , action has been shifted to LA where John Constantine , played by Keanu Reeves, teams up with a cop Angela Dodson, played by Rachel Weisz, to investigate death of her twin sister...

Hellblazer message board

Constantine movie

Friday, February 18, 2005

Invincible art

My drawing of Invincible...

Izdavacka kuca "Lavirint"

Lavirint je poceo s izdavanjem popularnih americkih comics-a , pre nekoliko mjeseci , "Inivincible" i "The Walking Dead" . Do sada su vec izasla 3 broja , cetvrto izdanje treba da se pojavi ovog mjeseca. Nasi brojevi imaju alternativne cover-e i u svakom broju imamo pin-ups ex-YU crtaca !!!
Lavirintov site !!!

UPDATE : cover za broj 4 mozete naci na zvelesovom blogu.


Hier kan je de ultieme terminologie zien voor alles wat met strips en publishing te maken heeft.

Zeer mooi en uitgebreid "stripwoordenboek" vind ik ...


The walking dead art

My drawing of Rick from The Walking Dead comic book...

Welcome to the comics blog !!!

Soon I will start posting news and articles about comics all around the world , I'll post in English,Dutch,French and Serbo-Croatian !!!